Marriott didn't credit me 5x the points

Discussion created by aje5837 on Aug 8, 2018
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A few months ago I came back from a vacation.  I went with other family and another family member had paid for the hotel room with their Marriott card.  During the stay, I made purchases at the hotel (actually 3 different hotels) and when my credit card statement came I had not received 5x Marriott points for my purchases at the hotels.  


I called talked to Chase Marriott about it and went over the transactions and the missing points were credited to my account instantly.  


Another statement came and there were more charges from my trip plus a time I went to a Marriott property by me for brunch, so I called again and explained I didn't get 5x the points- listed the dates and the hotels.  This time, I received a letter in the mail saying that I had called and to provide them with 'detailed information' such as the merchant name, date of transaction and the amount charged.  I had already done this on the phone with Chase Marriott.  Needless to say, I ended up calling again and the points were credited today as my credit card statement cycled (not instantly).


I'm curious if this has ever happened to anyone else?  Is it Marriott policy to only give 5x points if you charge everything to your room?  It has taken a couple of months but I now have everything sorted.