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Would you expect concierge services with  this room?

Question asked by gflowers on Aug 8, 2018

I recently had a very disappointing stay at the Marriott on the Falls in Ontario, Canada. I have been treated very rudely and have become totally disappointed in the brand that my family and I always use for our travel adventures. This hotel has a falls view king room and a Premier Fallsview king room. I booked the Premier falls view king room which is yes more money. When you view the room description it clearly says CONCIERGE FALLS VIEW KING underneath the picture.The first picture for the room is of the bed and bath. The other two pictures for the room are of the concierge lounge and the refreshments there. It is the only room description for that hotel that has the concierge description and pictures. So I understood those pictures as this more expensive room gives me concierge access!! Well I was told NO. No one wanted to speak to me and I could not seem to get a manager. I called customer care and they told me I have to contact the HOTEL!! I even had one representative tell me that concierge means the BED style!! Huh?? 

So I want others to be the judge. Would you expect concierge services with this room description online?

no one at Marriott has yet to respond to me and I have called, emailed, called and been bounced around for hours on the phone.