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Everyone who knows me on MRI recognizes my Marriott evaluation of annual category changes. Well, I still have some work to do with SPG, but I have found a couple of very interesting things thus far in my analysis.


I scoured the SPG reservations web site and copy/pasted every hotel listed in the world into a spreadsheet. (The real work is in taking that data and normalizing it.) But I have some early "returns" to share with MRI.


I have compared the number of hotels at the old SPG category level with the number assigned to the new MR Category level and here is the results:



Another fascinating preliminary find was the number of SPG hotels recently opened or planned to open. Here are those numbers (and it makes sense on why Marriott would buy SPG due to this crazy level of expansion):

79 venues have opened between 07/28/2017 and 08/16/2018

69 more will open between 08/17/2018 and 12/31/2018

185 planned to open in 2019

58 planned to open in 2020

30 on the books to open in 2021

15 in 2022

3 in 2023

1 in 2024

2 in 2026

      442 new venues