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Can I book a 5 night travel package if my family owns a timeshare, but not on my account?

Question asked by nick793 on Aug 7, 2018
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Hi everyone,


Sorry if this is not in the right place but figured it can't hurt to ask.  Please let me know if I should move this question somewhere else.


What I'm trying to do is book a travel package for 5 nights + 132k UA miles.  I have all the points I need but am not a timeshare owner.  However, my parents are and our family has gotten very good use out of the timeshare over the years.  I've tried calling in, but I keep running into the restriction of my account not being a timeshare account (and apparently no way around this except for buying a timeshare....which is obnoxious considering our family already owns a timeshare).


Is there a way for me to book this with my Dad's account (transferring points to do so, I'm Marriott Gold so there shouldn't be a fee), and for him to attach the cert to one of my bookings later on down the line (assuming these certs even still exist in 2 weeks)?  Additionally, is it possible to add the UA miles to my UA account?


I realize this is a niche question, but any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!