Why do Marriott Rewards?

Discussion created by jlajhb on Aug 7, 2018
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Frankly the recent changes to the program have left me not really sure why I would want to continue booking Marriott locations. I recently cashed in my remaining 2,000,000 points before the August 1st deadline, for travel packages. Because my wife and I own 4 weeks of Marriott timeshares in Hawaii and 13 non Marriott timeshares also in Hawaii per year we have spent many Winters in Hawaii rather than in Ohio. I have over 3,000 nights lifetime in the Marriott system.


So I usually traded my points for travel packages giving me 5 or 7 night stays and 120,000 or 132,000 airline miles at a level 1 thru 5. Now these packages are many, many 


I have not been upgraded once in over the last 100 stays,