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15 Elite Night Credit for SPG Amex Card Holders?

Question asked by markwill on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by pey

Today I received an email from SPG Amex (as many did I am sure) detailing the benefits that will be associated with the SPG Amex card under the merged loyalty program.


The benefit I do not see, and could not get a definitive answer from Amex (what?), was whether SPG Amex card holders would realize 15 Elite Night Credits annually moving forward.


I used to have a (Canadian) Marriott Premier Card until it was terminated, and so now use (where it is accepted - don't get me started!) SPG Amex to generate my rewards points. I have reached the point that the incremental 15 Elite Night Credits will be material to my chances of realizing 750 nights and 10 years Platinum next year, so this is very important to my requirements. I would love to get a US Marriott Premier Plus Card, but it is easier said than done for Canadians.


Can anyone definitively confirm if SPG Amex card holders will be awarded 15 Elite Night Credits moving forward?


Please let me know.