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Not getting Enhanced Internet

Question asked by doublea858 on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by missgee

As a platinum elite member, one of the perks is getting free enhanced internet at every Marriott property. Anytime I stayed at a Marriott property before, I would get to choose which internet option I wanted to go with after connecting to the guest network. 


Recently, Marriott has rolled out automatic connections to their internet, which results in my devices auto-selecting the free option. I had to call the internet help desk who then had to manually changed my devices' provisioned speed in the server for me to gain the enhanced internet speeds. When I asked him "Do I have to do this everytime?"...he replied "For now, yes". 


It shouldn't be this big of a hassle to connect to the enhanced internet when it's platinum benefit.


Any suggetions on how to avoid this ordeal going forward? Can I change my phone or laptop setting to prevent this?