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Poor Service at  Courtyard by Marriott Niagara falls,USA

Question asked by subbuthiru88 on Aug 6, 2018

I have stayed using my rewards points at Courtyard by Marriott Niagara falls, USA checked-in on 08/04 for one night. It all started with late check in of 2 hours where we have been made to wait in lobby saying the rooms are being cleaned lately. Then when i entered the room, it was cleaned in a hurry burry as i could see hair in Bathroom . I cleaned that myself as i was been told that the hotel is 100% sold out being a peak season. Then i requested for rollover bed for my mom (at age of 60) and i have been told they dont have any clean Roll over bed. Then i said i need extra comforter atleast (around 10pm) and i have been again told that no comforter is available since they are being cleaned and dried. I have been told they will deliver to my room in few minutes. Then when i reminded them at 11 pm and got same reply. I dint get till 12 am and when i went to front desk there were none and i have seen 4-5 other rooms guest have been waiting for 30 mins and none turned around. Then finally they gave me comforter at 12:30 am . Till 12:30 am my 60 years old mom was awake as she couldn't sleep without comforter and all these years of reputation of Courtyard she had has gone in one day. I dont even think i would even consider Marriott again being a loyal customers to Marriott all these days