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Where do those Welcome Gift points go?

Question asked by ali_france on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by j&c

As a Platinum member sometimes I enjoy the Platinum welcome gift - but often I am getting in late at night, I'm actually just wanting my head to hit the pillow and I'd really be happy with just the 500 points.


But VERY often those 500 points don't show up. There is never anything on your invoice to show them and they just don't post. My last stay recorded on my account was an absolute classic for that - I got so many points for the stay, so many elite and no extra. I got to that hotel at 12:30am after a long haul flight - it is an airport hotel so it probably ought to be pretty used to this. I wanted to sleep so I'll just take the points.. It feels that the hotel is just pocketing however much Marriott charge them for those points. I reckon I don't get the points maybe about 50% of the time, which points at a systemic failure.


Then, who do I ask to put the points back? I have nothing to show that I should have them?


I've tried making contact with rewards operations, but sadly that hasn't always worked - probably because THEY have no means of checking either. This is a broken system...