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Insider looking for Honeymoon destinations!

Question asked by jcrogers21 on Aug 6, 2018
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Hoping to get some ideas for honeymoon destinations for my fiance' and I.  We are getting married in late September this year and planning to travel immediately after the wedding. We have some ideas on what we'd like but as two busy professionals and parents we have some requirements and honestly just aren't sure where to go. All ideas are welcome if they meet the following criteria

  • Setting: We love the water (ocean or lakes). Ideally looking for island or beautiful coastal/lakefront settings. We loved the idea of Costa Rica or had explored rooms/villas that were actually in the water but most we found were in the South Pacific and seem well out of our travel and cost range (and also have bad weather in September). We want to be taken care of. We are both very active - love to run, hike, explore, vineyards and craft breweries are favorites as are naturally spectacular settings in nature. Don't want busy cities. Love little towns, walk, shop, get a bite and a drink. 
  • Distance: We live in CT so likely flying out of NYC airports. Since we'll only have 5 days max, would like to keep flight time max of 6 hours.
  • Cost: Definitely a factor. I would say we are looking for deals, respecting that we're well within a very tight travel window. Can't shoot the moon but want quality, if not bordering on higher end accommodations even if it meant a shorter time away.


I'll leave it at that but HAPPY to answer questions to help us find some options. We need to book soon so all ideas are welcome.


Many thanks to all the insiders in advance for your help!!

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