Ritz Credit Card - Gone?

Discussion created by phctourist on Aug 5, 2018
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I logged into Chase, last week, and searched for the Ritz Carlton credit card, in order to obtain one.  I had searched the industry and decided that was the one I should add to my wallet.  The card was not shown on the WEB site so I called Chase and the person with whom I was connected said she would help me apply.  She suddenly discovered that it was gone from her inventory of available cards.  She inquired and was told that Marriott had just discontinued the card with the intention of steering people into the new Marriott Rewards Premier card.  They apparently want all Marriott, SPG, and RC lovers to embrace all their brands and to all share a common CC.  


This will never work!   The Ritz card is a pricier card with all sorts of benefits that you'll never see with a $95 card.  There were free nights at the RC as an introductory bonus.  There were free upgrades to the Club level.  There were several hundred dollars worth of travel services.  


Will those of you who have the RC card settle for a Marriott card or will you look elsewhere?  Will you desert the RC chain for another luxury chain that offers  its own luxury card?  I'm trying to decide what my next move will be.  I'm considering Chase Sapphire Reserve®.  It offers $300 each year in travel services and a few other goodies.  What are other people's thoughts.