Marriott really fall short on customer service

Discussion created by mydryerventguy607 on Aug 3, 2018
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I have recently noticed that my points have been accumulating in my account but my nights this year as a platinum elite member have stayed the same.  According to the terms of the Marriott rewards Visa I should be credited 1 night for every $3,000.00 spent.  I have spent nearly 20k in the last two months and received no nights! 

Today,  I had an hour of my life to waste so I decided to call Marriott rewards customer service.  Not surprised I get a customer service rep from India, who politely informed me she couldn't help.  I was placed on hold which end in my call being disconnected.  So I call again this representative needed to speak to her supervisor about the issue so I was placed on hold.  She returned and told me that I was to be placed on hold again so that she could contact Chase Bank.  After being on hold for 5 minutes can you guess what happed? Thats right the call was disconnected, with a recording saying I should call back!   

Let me sum this experience up in three words ... Marriott you suck!