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How do we escalate a complaint to Marriott Corporate?

Question asked by rizbano on Aug 3, 2018

I've been a Marriott loyal customer for 6 years now I'm a consultant so I travel a whole lot and stay at Marriott properties once or twice a month at least. My last stay was at Marriott Schaumberg, IL to attend a work conference. I requested a late checkout in the morning of my checkout and the hotel front desk person said you can check out at 1pm. I came to the hotel to pick up my stuff during my lunch break which was (12-1pm) I gathered my stuff and left by 12:45pm but as usual, I did not stop at the front desk to officially "checkout". Marriott always tells us we don't need to stop at the desk to "check out." But after several days, I got charged for another night $126! When I called the manager, she was so rude to me and told me that her housekeeping staff was not able to clean the room in time for the next guests so they charged me extra. She said we usually don't charge late fees until 3pm. I was already at my work conference by 1pm so I don't know WHO or WHY their housekeeping staff lied to the managers and managers are pushing the charge on me, which is absolutely ridiculous. I asked them for video footage to prove to me that I left after the checkout time. And the manager said we left at 3pm; there was no way because I was at my work conference from 1-5pm lol. They can just lie and charge me extra because they were overbooked on that date and their housekeeping staff couldn't clean all the rooms in time so they needed to make the money back somehow so they decided to charge me without any proof or any reason.