What happened to your customer service

Discussion created by calebpia on Aug 3, 2018
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I called today with a simple request, I needed a copy of my receipt emailed to me. This should have taken 1 call to the hotel property I stayed at and 1 — 5 minutes tops. But, not with Marriott... the property put me on hold, then transferred me cold to Reservations with no notice or explanation as to why. After 30 minutes on hold to speak to Reservations, the rep "opened a request" then transferred me to "Loyalty Reservations." Another 45 minutes to get a Loyalty rep on the phone... Now get this part. She put me on hold to call the property and ask them to email me the Folio. That's right. I called the property, got transferred away for well over an hour, only to be told the property needs to email it to me!?!?!?!? 


This will likely be my last Marriott stay, as needing a copy emailed to me is a common request, and this level of frustration has made me research Hilton Honors.