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August 1st - 17th Limbo?

Question asked by jim12q on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by o0o0o0o0o0o...points!

For months now we've been promised the benefits of the merger in "August".  Everything everyone posted, including much of Marriott and SPG's material implied August 1st (although it didn't come out and say it)


My issue is that I'm staying on points at a resort August 10-13 at a hotel that moved down the redemption chart (from 30k to 25k).  Also I am supposed to become Platinum, and then have breakfast as an option at the resort.  Under the old system, resorts were excluded.  The implication was that on Aug 1 we could rebook things and get the lower redemption and get the new benefits. 


I specifically booked this trip knowing that,

A. I'd be able to pay less points by rebooking the room on 8/1 

B. I'd get breakfast as my optional gift. 


Then just a few days before August, we hear that it goes into effect 8/18.  I figured Marriott must have known this would be an issue, so I called the Elite reservation line and tried to at least get the points lowered but no dice... I was told "Well we never said which day in August it would go into effect".  Exactly... That's my point....    You're going to give purposely vague information, and then try to enforce it, when, if I traveled a week later, I'd get exactly what I'm asking for? 


Is there no solution to the issue of the August Limbo that myself and many others are no doubt in? Is it really worth irritating a lot of members for 17 days of transition?  I know merging the IT systems is a huge undertaking so I have no problem that there's a specific date, but that's why humans perform customer service, to fix things that machines can't handle.  


Any ideas on how to address this?