Need additional 50ish nights for LTPP -- possible? worth it?

Discussion created by grasshopperau on Aug 2, 2018
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Debating if I go for Lifetime Platinum Premier or stop at Lifetime Platinum.  Advice and strategy requested from the experts please. 


I have 10 years (combined) Platinum status and should end the year with 695-700 nights--a 50ish night deficit of the coveted 750 nights.  (Achieving anything through points is not an option.)


1. Is it worth (and/or still an option) to book five meetings to earn a total of 50 elite nights?  [Cost $500-600]


2. If earning multiple meeting bonuses of 10 elite nights are not an option, booking a long-term room at a cheap hotel might be.  But is it worth the investment cost for 5 additional suite nights and 25% more points.  If the United Gold Status was still in effect, it would make this option more appealing.  [Cost $4000-4500]


3. Any other tricks to get additional elite nights?