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Overcharged & Lost Points

Question asked by zentrix43 on Aug 1, 2018
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We recently stayed at the Fairfield Inn Chicago on 216 E Ontario, with a check in date of 7/24/18 and check out 7/28/18 - a total of 4 nights hotel stay.  We have come across several issues with no resolution between Marriott Rewards and the actual property hotel.  I am now writing to receive some type of resolution to our problems.


On April 19th, 2018, we were looking for our hotel accommodations. I am a Silver Elite Member and have accumulated many points from staying at past Marriott properties.  Fairfield Inn Chicago published the nightly rate of $215/night plus taxes. They also published a points/night option.  We were short of a few thousand points and had the option of purchasing additional points to cover the entire stay, for a total of $487.50.


I recall seeing on the receipt when booking this reservation was the total cost of stay of $487.50.  Initially, my credit card payment did not go through and the website prompted me to contact Marriott Rewards.  I contacted Marriott Rewards and the agent I spoke with assured me that my credit card payment was accepted and there was no additional need to rebook.  The agent did not advise on booking policies with the points option.


During our recent stay, the front desk agents failed to communicate that we were responsible for a remaining balance of $422.60, nor were we given any receipts when we left.  I only stumbled across this additional charge by checking my credit card statement online. So, I paid a total of $910.10 and lost all of my points. Unacceptable and misconstruing.


My wife and I both contacted Marriott Rewards on separate occasions to get this resolved, only to be left frustrated, robbed and unjustified. Marriott Rewards and Fairfield Inn said they cannot reverse the charges of the $422.60 and in both instances said there is nothing they can do. The customer service on both parties claims they cannot access, modify or reverse the charges and fail to comprehend the entire situation. Again, why would I pay for points, only to pay the full price of the stay and lose all my points? This makes no sense. Wow, really? This is a multi-million dollar company that is worldwide. 


If I calculated correctly:

  • The nightly room rate for the exact same room that was booked was $215/night plus taxes WITHOUT using any points
  • So, using my existing points AND purchasing additional points, I paid $487.50 to cover the entire stay
  • Then, I get charged AN additional $422.60


Without using any points, under normal circumstance, someone would select the $215/night plus taxes rate. In my case, we have paid $910, used the majority of my points, and are now left with only 548 points (does not add up but I'll get to that soon). To break it down, $910.00 PLUS 84,000 miles VERSUS $215/night plus taxes.  Also, we were advised that we were short 17,000 miles for the hotel stay and this is the $422.60 accounted but how can someone justify purchasing 17,000 points for $422.60 - makes no sense nor justification at all.


After further investigation of the Marriot Rewards website, there are many discrepancies that we've found on my account. I found the following historical point history (it only allowed to go back to 24 months activity):


Total LIFETIME Points: 163,548

11/21/16 Rewards Point Transfer To My Spg Account: - 30,000

4/19/18 4 Night Category 7 Cash And Points: - 84,000 Rewards

4/19/18 Points Purchase - 2018: + 39,000

BALANCE: 88,548 - Marriott Rewards is showing a balance of 548 - Where did the remaining 88,000 points go to?


We are requesting a thorough review with a fair outcome of this case and a resolution.  I do not feel we were treated fairly by declining a refund twice especially when Marriott Rewards and Fairfield Inn asked us to communicate back and forth - I feel like no one is taking the responsibility or being accountable of their actions or finding a resolution.  As you can clearly see, there are many discrepancies between the charges that were involved to the number of points utilized and the correct balance of these points.