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When did Marriott go from top shelf to bottom feeder

Question asked by frustratedat20020 on Aug 1, 2018
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Marriott used to be an excellent chain of hotels. My experiences over the past year or so have been horrid. The staff at the corporate office have also supported dishonest contentions of staff at franchises without doing a proper investigations. My question isn't about that instance but about a bigger issue and that is how poorly Marriott handles customer relations. I wonder how many people have experienced the kind of situation I've encountered. I also wonder why it would be worth it to the chain not to be investigate the situation and make it right. They seem to think that no matter how bad an event is, and how much harm was inflicted, the solution is to comp one night and deny what transpired. So my question here is what people think motivates such a poor response to better understand why denying what transpired is worth doing for the company. Any ideas?