The New Marriott and its Issues

Discussion created by wcrdj1998 on Jul 31, 2018

I and my department are beginning to pivot away from Marriott properties.  I have been a platinum elite for over 10 years and was always very happy with Marriott's level of service until the Sheraton merge.  I am currently on hold for over 10 minutes resolving a receipt issue.  That used to never happen.  I called and immediately went to the platinum line and got answered right away. 


Speaking of receipts, Marriott recently started auto sending receipts very early the morning of check out.  Problem is I may eat breakfast or had a water in the room which later gets charged to the bill.  Sometimes I get an updated receipt, but often not, so I spend a good 20 minutes chasing down an accurate receipt that should have been sent in the first place. 


It used to be Platinum Elite members could cancel reservations at most hotels by 5pm the day of the reservation, which is very important to my department as we have a volatile schedule.  Now they are telling us it's a 48 hour notice.  That's a big problem for us.


Finally, I just got a $20.00 charge for each of 3 rooms I reserved under points.  That's new, too.  Used to be you could use points for a free stay, not including incidentals. 


I'm wondering what's the point of even getting platinum status with Marriott.