Can I get to LTPP with the combined program?

Discussion created by dbctravels on Jul 30, 2018
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I am currently a Lifetime MR Gold member on a quest to reach Lifetime Platinum Premiere before 12/31/18.  I understand the Lifetime MR Gold will automatically convert to Lifetime Platinum after August 18th but I am hoping to reach the higher Premiere level as well.  I currently have 691 MR Lifetime nights and 31 SPG Lifetime nights and over 2 million Lifetime MR Points.  When the programs combine I will have 722 nights and reservations between now and 12/31/18 that will put me over 750 nights.  My biggest question is - Will the combined MR and SPG Lifetime nights count towards my 750 prior to 12/31/18 in the new program?  And does the program change after August 18th where the 2 million points no longer count but it is necessary to have 10 years of Platinum Status to reach the LTPP level? I only have about 6 years of Lifetime Platinum MR status.


Confusing?  Yes.  Just trying to figure out if the combination of program totals will get me to the higher level or if I should abandon the quest because it is impossible through the new program rules.  I am doubling up on leisure stays to try and hit this goal.  Any help is appreciated.