Stay after August - Gold by Amex - what to do

Discussion created by marcovigini on Jul 30, 2018


I'm currently gold elite with Marriott since I have an Amex Platinum. I usually spent around 30-40 nights in Marriott's Hotels but not enough for reaching the gold elite status by myself and I understood that I will be gold after August. I will be in Thailand at the end of August (from 20th to 10th sept) and I still don't know what to do. According to the new benefits, gold elite will not get anything (maybe little upgrade, check out 2PM if available, nothing more) neither the breakfast.
I already booked some months ago the hotels with a rate of 150$/night but always without breakfast and lounge access.
I'm also Hilton Gold, I don't like their hotels like the Marriott's, but here the costs for night is 100$ with breakfast and lounge access (not for sure.. but 90% yes).
Is there any chance or way to get easier the future platinum status with Marriott? Anyone know if will available some fast track or road to Platinum in august? I can also change my plans and visit different cities to do a challenge based on stay.
I really love Marriott, but now spending the doble price then Hilton's is starting to be a little bit expensive, without having big benefits spending 40 nights/years.
Unfortunately I cannot ask for a credit card (SPG, Ritz) since I'm european.
I will be happy and gratefull If someone would like to share with me their opinions or advices.
Thanks everyone