Lexington Hotel NYC - Horrible!

Discussion created by mightyquinn on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by starguy

I recently stayed at the Lexington Hotel (Autograph Property) and the taxes that were charged for a 1 night stay in this hotel are absolutely absurd.  I get taxes are always part of the bill but check this out:

City tax - $15.57

State Tax - $23.52

NYC Local Tax - $2.00

NYS Hotel - $1.50

Destination Fee - $25.00

Destination State Tax - $2.22

Destination City Tax - $1.47


Grand total is $71.28 in taxes for a 1 night stay.  I have stayed in Marriott properties (Autograph) that are 5 blocks from this hotel and they don't charge these outrageous taxes.  Complete bullshit.  Stay here is you want but don't be surprised when the bill comes.