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Well to say buying one of the Marriott Hotel packages has been difficult is an understatement. In part this is my fault, I should have done it months ago. So I finally chose the Cat 5, which I can upgrade later when I pick the hotel and 120,000 mile package.

I called the number that was suppose take me directly to the reps that handle these. No so much this night. Yes considering everything the wait times are long. But this was utterly beyond forgivable. The first 5 calls I was disconnected on, it seems in the automatic system after 15 to 20 minutes. Finally get an rep as soon as I say Hotel and air package the line goes dead. I call again, 25 minutes, disconnect. then another at 25 minutes and reach a rep. She says she has to transfer me to customer relations or at least that what I think she said. So then another 15 or so minutes I'm speaking to a rep who knows exactly what i'm talking about. Its too easy. I clearly say I want three Cat 5 - 7 night packages with 120,000 points transferred to my airline rewards program. They, according to the Marriott web on the program, should cost 270,000 marriott rewards points each or 810,000 points. I need to move just under 4,000 points from my wife account to do it. The Marriott rep said no I had enough to buy all three with points to spare because they were only 260,000 points each. I ask again where they the 120,000 point category. He answer yes they are and all three were in my account. My rewards balance had already reduced as he did the package individually.

Well its nice the account rewards totals refresh quickly. just not quickly enough. because instead of 3 identical package for Cat 5 and 120,000 airline miles what ended up in my account was 2 Cat 5 with 55,000 miles (200,000 MR) and 1 cat 7 with 55,000 airline miles (the 260,000 MR).

Ok So I call back. Again on hold for 20 plus minutes. I get a rep finally but she clearly had never heard of what I was talking about much less how to fix it. So she transfers me another department that she said handles this. The automatic answer indicated it was the travel packages, which is most certainly not correct. I was on hold again at 48 minutes after this transfer I hear the call being picked up, I hear someone in the back ground and then the line goes dead.

I call again, another 25 minutes. I get someone who said she had just been through training on this. She was very very nice and very professional. She told me she'd have to work this out with her supervisor and would I stay one hold but it would be a very long one. I gave my contact information - phone and email which she already had. one hour and forty 47 minutes into that call (where talking about 660,000 points after all) a male voice comes on the line and says twice are you still one hold. I had the phone on speaker and both my wife and I answered yes, yes. The was a hang up.

I never got a call back from the rep. but then again she said her system did not permit her to call out except on her personal cell phone which wasn't permitted. she had my number and I ask her to give it to her supervisor when she talked to him, I also gave my email.

One set of contacts with Marriott customer service and I'm deliberately hung up on at least twice after being one hold.

I try again, again a long hold after automatic system answers. Finally, I hope I reached someone who can deal with the problem a Marriott Representative caused hours earlier. This rep said hold times internally to supervisors have been over 45 minutes, I said I understood. Then he ask if I want to hold, again, or have him call back. I ask if it could be done via email. He said sure. I hope to hear from him or someone at Marriott. Though after this I have no confidence at all. I didn't add like any other half way modern company uses email with customers.

I understand how busy a company is during a merger esp one that deals with customers directly. But this was abysmal this was unforgivable. It was unprofessional. It was pathetic. It will give me a bad taste in my mouth every time I deal with Marriott. Luckily over the years I've generally have very good to excellent interaction with the people in the actual hotels .