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So close to Lifetime Platinum - is it still possible in 2018?

Question asked by pilotgreg74 on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by profbes

My husband used to travel quite a bit - like 150-200 nights per year, but since his job change, that number has drastically reduced.  With our stay last weekend, we finally hit the 750 night minimum needed, but we are still about 57,000 points away from the required 2-million point mark to give us this status.  With only the occasional leisure travel, we're worried we're going to come oh-so-close and yet be still so far away at the end of 2018.  We've talked with Marriott, and understand that we have until 12/31/18 to reach this requirement.  


We're already holders of the Marriott Platinum card (he is), but I wondered if I were to apply for the Premium card - could I give him my points?  I only have 10K points in my balance and I'd gladly "gift them" if it would help us get to that 2-million mark, but I know that leaves us still a bit far away.  


Anyone else out there so close too?  I mean - literally, 57,000 points and we're in there!  Right now he's at Lifetime Gold status, so our bonus points are only at the Gold level, but we'd reaaaaaally like to get this Lifetime Platinum.  Thank you in advance!