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If we spend thousands of dollars at a Marriott, why do we only get 600 Southwest Rapid Reward points?

Question asked by ballclub on Jul 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by brightlybob

I did this for months thinking I'd get an equitable amount of miles when comparing to Marriott Rewards points.  I probably spent $2,000 at Marriotts in 2017, which would be 20,000 Marriott Reward points, and is about halfway to a free night.  But I only got about 1800 Southwest Rapid Rewards points, which is about 10% of a one-way ticket on Southwest.


This is a huge disparity, and isn't fair, especially when I just loaded my frequent flyer numbers into my profile thinking I would get an EXTRA benefit like I do with some car rental companies, not that it would be my ONLY benefit.  Who in their right mind would setup a program to penalize MR members like this?  I have since fixed that setting because it's so awful.


Is there something I'm missing?  If not, Marriott should increase the number of points significantly to make it based on dollars spent, not some terribly low 600-point regardless of dollars spent.