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Dubai for 10 yr anniversary ?

Question asked by chobbits on Jul 26, 2018
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I thought id reach out to the community for advice :


Im planning a trip to Dubai with Mrs C for our 10 yr anniversary on MR points. I have looked at various hotels, and the RC looks by far the best quality and close to the beach, but it is a Tier 5 (Soon to be Cat 8) and hence expensive. I will be buying a travel package at current rates (pre August) to get the airline points, in order we can travel first class on virgin (part of the thrill!), but need advice on what hotel, to determine what package to buy in terms of category hotel.


Lots of other Marriott's look good - does anyone have any experience / advice ?


Our priorities would be :


1) Good pool

2) In an area with nightlife / restaurants

3) Close to beach

4) Lounge access


Any experiences / comments are very welcomed. Thanks