Trying to get Starwood Platinum by Dec'18 to get two years of Plat status toward the future combined program?

Discussion created by svetatorres on Jul 26, 2018
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Tried using the Marriott 'chat' function and the agent couldn't help, seemed confused. Any advice here is appreciated!


My situation: I'm already over 100 nights with Marriott this year. Won't quality for LTG or LTP this year, but am now looking to get to LTP in the new program (600 nights + 10 years) as soon as possible in the next couple of years. I only have a couple of stays with Starwood this year. I'm thinking that if I quality for Starwood Plat this year by December (and don't proactively combine the accounts in August), then I'd have two Plat years counted toward LTP in the future for 2018, one for Marriott, one for Starwood. 


Is that right? Has anyone seen any confirmations by Marriott on this?

this link:… 

talks about lifetime status, not doesn't mention years counted *toward* future lifetime status.