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New benefits, less breakfast ?

Question asked by the.reminder on Jul 26, 2018
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let's first off say how great it is to be back traveling with Marriott, since starting a new job in my local airport as Cruise Concierge Representative I never had much time to travel so recently i've squeeeeeezed in a couple Marriott excursions which have been such a release, loved it ! 


As for August 18th!  Hooray for the new system of amalgamation and all that comes with it good and bad.  The date its self has been delightedly placed half way through a stay I've booked at Marriott Mena House, Cairo (Which if you've ever look is neighbored with the pyramids of Giza.. like no seriously look at the photo its next door it looks amazing..the adress is literally Pyramid road..but I digress ).  As a proud gold member, I will for the first half or should, receive breakfast and or lounge access however for the second half Gold players will no longer receive such a service...

I'm in a quandary, do I now pay extra for those?  Should I have booked an Exec room!?!  


Maybe I will see only on my arrival !