Missing Rewarding Event - Original GM gone

Discussion created by buzymom3 on Jul 26, 2018

Missing Rewarding Event.  Hotel giving me the run around as the original GM left. 

Some background on the booking.  It was a very quick last minute group due to rain delays for Athletics.  Literally days between making reservation and athletes arriving.   I do not have a copy of the contract.  I don't think I was given one.

We did a CCA (credit card authorization) for payment and I did send a rooming list.  Asked repeatedly for the booking to be set up as a Rewarding Event.   Told several times that all was good and taken care of.  (I know...I know)


Soooo now I have been trying for months to get my points and now they are telling me that they cannot give me points without the guests names, so I sent them those, but they really should have been able to see that themselves.   They are telling me I need to call the Missing Points line, which is not how this should go.  I don't need the Elite nights, I need the points!


I am currently Lifetime Silver and so  I am pretty upset as I am only 41,000 points from the lifetime elite bump in December.  I need to get every point I can in the next 5 months.  I book Marriott exclusively for my college, I'm the Travel Manger.  Have never ever had this issue with a hotel.  What's a girl to do??