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Bug infestation, ruined clothes, Marriott refuses to view evidence they have

Question asked by frustratedat20020 on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by frustratedat20020

I am writing about a ruined vacation and ruined clothes due to a bug infestation at the Residence Inn at Plantation Florida and subsequent events. Marriott continues to deny they ruined my clothes but will not view their own hotel video which would answer decisively whether or not they ruined the clothes. Given they have the video and say they refuse to look at it, I have to assume they know that they are misrepresenting what transpired. I will not "let this go". I don't like being called a liar. They not only ruined the vacation but I continue to be distressed over this situation. It is frustrating to be called a liar and then to have the people making the accusation unwilling to look at evidence they have in their possession. I have to assume they know it will affirm my truthful reports I'm talking about video in public places where most better hotel chains place videos-where there is money, a high likelihood of vandalism or theft and in places where privacy wouldn't be expected-such as in the halls leading to the residential washers and driers and/or hallways leading up to the industrial washers and driers. Please don't say there aren't any since I know that there are and already got that information. Why won't Marriott view the video-or do you think they did but since it confirmed my reports they are  lying about it?