Lounge Review: Sheraton Bellevue (Seattle area)

Discussion created by johnnyk60 on Jul 23, 2018
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Been here several times, but as latest visit was after joining this site I decided to review the lounge first, which seems to be a priority here!


24/7 access with daily evening reception (5 - 7) and breakfast (6 - 9/7 - 10). Off peak there are trail bars, soda and coffee available. HOWEVER ... no coffee creamer tubs out except during breakfast service! Attendant said dining manager was adamant about that.


Food quality is truly night vs. day in terms of reception and breakfast. Borrowing from Lucy Ricardo: "One of them is swell, and the other one is lousy."


You know the evening show isn't that great when you realize you've missed it, and don't really care. Here's a list of the offerings last time, but I can't express how consistently mediocre an experience I've encountered:


Fresh Fruit

Caprese skewers 

Black bean salad

Asparagus platter with olive garnish

Ziti and meatballs in tomato sayce

Ham and cheese - their "signature" offering of long thick strips of wet, tasteless ham with long thick strips of white cheese. 


No alcohol for sale, go to bar. 




Eggs, scrambled and hard boiled

Bacon and sausage 

Potatoes (home fries?) 



Bread and pastries 


Coffee machine with grind-to-order drinks (lattes, etc.) 


Attaching photos taken in late afternoon as it gets crowded in terms of snapping food itself, but you folks should get the idea. I've never given up eating breakfast there, but have staked out last seat at computer table and small corner nook. 


(Sorry about the picture order)