One more question about Lifetime Status

Discussion created by stellaky on Jul 23, 2018
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Hi all,


I had asked some questions earlier this year, and Mr Whipple was super helpful and I had what I thought was a good plan to achieve Lifetime Platnium under old rules by year end. (Currently LTG with 709 nights and 1.82 million points and 9 years Plat status), but I realized that due to a change in job, I wouldn't be able to make the 750 night requirement this year without doing some rewarding meetings, so reaching the 2m points threshold won't matter. 


So I have a new plan, and I just wanted to get some confirmaiton that I've not overlooked anything and interpreted all the answers I've read on this site correctly:


I decided to try to qualify under the new rules of 750 nights and 10 years. That way, I can combine my SPG lifetime nights (29), to get closer to the 750 nights needed (currently at 709 and very little travel scheduled the rest of 2018). So, if I combine programs in Aug, I will have ~742 lifetime combined nights at year end and be about 30 nights short of qualifying for plat in 2018 (for 2019) and completing my 10th year. 


My plan is to set up three qualifying meetings at courtyard hotels (hopefully at ~$100 each). Do I understand correctly that I need to do this before Aug 1st? Or just before I combine accounts? This will give me the 30 more qualifying nights I would need to hit 75 nights this year, and thus get my 10th year of platnium status.


Thanks for all your help!