New Parking Charge at Overland Park Marriott

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Jul 22, 2018
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Business took me to Kansas City last week. Stayed at the Overland Park Marriott at I-435 and Metcalf as I usually do when I need to be in the southern part of KC.  It’s in a typical surburan location and while it seems to have plenty of business, never seen it overly crowded. Noticed when I checked in and parked, there was a new gate that required you to swipe your key card when you entered and exited. Didn’t think anything about it until I checked out and saw an $8 a night parking charge. Went back and looked and it was listed under hotel amenities and parking. The parking lot is huge and I have never seen it over 25 percent or so full. There is nothing nearby where people would park in the lot and not be a hotel guest.  So I question why they are now charging. Used to Marriotts in downtown and congested areas charging, but not locations like this. 


So is this a new way to generate revenue and not raise rates when you can’t justify a resort fee?