Cheating about reward events

Discussion created by alexlihk on Jul 23, 2018
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is it popular for expert here about reward events?


When you kick off an event, discussion and then confirm to go for a reward event in Marriott:

1. Marriott sales will prepare a contract, right?

2. in case of the sales have not indicated your ID inside the contract, what can we do?

3. for a member who try reward event at the first time, who should have the responsibility to put the member ID in the contract?

4. if a sales Deliberately conceal to put the Marriott ID in the contract for his personal interest, it is violated Marriott's code of conduct? 

5. if Marriott Management DOES nothing but only indicate the sales is right, is it encouraging corruption inside Marriott group?

6. I had made an event and Marriott rejected to reward it as above, may i ask for judge somewhere?



thanks for your kindly suggestion.