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Escalating Customer Complaints

Question asked by mover18 on Jul 22, 2018

 I overcharged and am trying to get appropriate customer care.  When I booked my stay at Residence Inn, I realized the same day that I was charged more than the government rate, which I thought I had selected.  I knew I had 24 hrs to cancel so I called them and asked if the rate could be changed or if I needed to cancel and re-book. They said they would resolve the issue, I would be charged the government rate and told me to bring my government ID at check in.  During check in, my government ID was verified, so I thought there was no issue.  Then in the middle of my stay, I noticed my Marriott mobile app was still showing the higher rate. I contact the hotel via the mobile app and was again told it was taken care of and I would only be charged the government rate.  (I can provide a screen shot of this conversation).  The night before check out, I went to the desk to verify everything was fine, and they only gave me the government rate for one night of my one week stay.  I told her I was supposed to be charged the government rate the entire time and she said it would be resolved in the morning when her manager came in during the day. She reassured me it would be no problem.  My co-worker, who booked separately, was right there and is willing to provide a statement to verify this conversation.  At check out, I talked to a different employee who said the manager was not in yet, but it would be no problem to get a refund. 


After almost a week and multiple inquires I finally got a response from the assistance manager stating I would be refunded for the last night ($179). However, I was overcharged more than $400.  I told him this was not acceptable and have not heard back.


I know I am new to Marriott, but I travel about twice a month for work and I do not expect such blatant lies and horrible customer service.  I tried Marriott because my co-worker who travels with me, is a Marriott rewards member. However, if this is the final solution, then I will not return to Marriott and that is also unfortunate for her, b/c she will have to stay at the same hotel as me when we travel for work in the future. Before I give up on Marriott completely, I am trying to escalate this issue one more time for a satisfactory response.