Hotel Review: Delta - Everett, WA

Discussion created by johnnyk60 on Jul 19, 2018
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Ironically, I came up here as a mattress run to escape the Seattle heat, as my place has no AC. We'll see how that worked out  …


Property located off I-5, though I took the train to the nearby Transit Center, and the express bus back to Seattle next day. Stayed at the previous incarnation as a Holiday Inn several times, so the old set-up was hovering in the background. At first, not that different, except that the former dated HI bar/restaurant is now a more "hip" environment. 


Greeted as Platinum, upgraded to 7th (Executive) Floor, with access to the Pantry (a/k/a Lounge). Room felt rather hot, set at 68F but showed current temp of 76. Called down, maintenance sent up. Via limited English, fellow told me that it "should" go down slowly, nothing he could find wrong. I went down to the bar for a beer and an appetizer, coming back to find the room no cooler. Reassigned to another 7th Floor room showing 72F with a 68 setting, so lived with it. Room was okay, lots of outlets, though sitting on the couch I could've used a short extension cord from the desk lamp. No issue with outside noise or light. Toiletries were by Shoebox, with whom I was unfamiliar, but they worked out okay.


Had a muffin I'd brought with "Lounge" coffee for breakfast. I understand that non-Executive rooms don't even have a coffeemaker, though I used mine for refills and tea at night. Beer and food at Happy Hour wasn't bad, but I really resented the pantry as being cheaper for them than begrudging even the $12 for "basic" breakfast buffet (hot items were $19). Cold cereal, mediocre pastry selection and instant oatmeal really isn't a "breakfast" benefit. Honestly, Courtyard sounds as though it might be a better bet?


I wouldn't return for that reason, plus the AC issue - both that it didn't work well, and the maintenance attitude. Staff themselves are incredibly nice.