Hotel Review: Marriott Bellevue (Seattle area)

Discussion created by johnnyk60 on Jul 18, 2018

Previously reviewed the lounge, but thought it'd be helpful to give details of the hotel itself ...


Located on the backside of downtown Bellevue away from the action involving stores and restaurants. Would be a significant walk to get to that area. Hotel is very convenient for the transit center with Express buses to Seattle. It's also in a good location if you want (need depending on rates or availability) to do a mattress hop with the nearby Sheraton. The AC is a bit further, but do-able. I've never driven there, but I believe you are pretty much stuck with paying for valet parking.


Once inside, it's a fairly standard hotel with the lobby featuring check-in desk, Club entrance, and restaurant/bar area. There are steps down to a lower level function room area; I've stayed there when there's been a big event down there, so the lobby can get very crowded at those times.


When I was new to Marriott, I asked about upgrades, being told that they really don't have anything besides higher floors for that. All of the rooms I've ever been assigned were standard, cookie-cutter Marriott ones: drab gray with bed, desk, sofa, refrigerator. You guys have seen it all before. Views from the higher floors can be nice as the hotel is on a hill (Sheraton a steep block below).


That part of town is strongly work-oriented, so most restaurants, even Starbucks at transit center, are closed evenings and weekends. There's an interesting Korean supermarket (H MART) a block away, as well as a Subway sandwich franchise around the corner from the hotel, as weekend alternatives to the hotel restaurant.