Not so Rewarding Rewards!

Discussion created by dezz on Jul 18, 2018
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First, let me start by saying I've been a Gold Elite Marriott Rewards member for years.  When traveling for business I make a point to seek out a Marriott!  Even when my husband & I got married a few years ago (3) I reserved a set of rooms at our local Marriott for all my guests to stay.  While I didn't pay for the rooms, those nights stay/points were actually added to my rewards in terms of nights & points.  


Recently my dad went to Mayo Clinic in MN, he was being transported via medi-vac and my mother needed a place to stay that was close.  I hopped onto the phone with the Marriott reservation line who assisted me with making arrangements at the "right" location in Rochester MN, having the amenities she would need (as well as dad if/when he was released from the hospital before heading home).  


After I received the emailed folio for the 15 nights stay, I waited for it to appear in my activity.  It showed up but only for 1110 points for 15 nights.  Odd.  So I called... and called... and emailed.... and called some more.  I finally got through to a human (not a recorded message) after 3 days, only to be kept on the phone for 1.5 hours only to find out "it's not qualifying because I didn't pay using my card on file."  First, if it wasn't qualifying then why did the 1110 points appear in my activity?  Second, I didn't pay because they (Marriott front desk clerk) wouldn't take the card over the phone at the time of check out!  They required the card to be swiped!  So I reimbursed my parents for the stay via CHECK after the fact!  However still, this stay is not qualifying and will not be added to my rewards tally.


IN the old days they would have answered my calls with a human, without 10 transfers to the right department and would have been able to explain everything clearly & politely.  In the old days they would have had better customer service, quicker answer times and better explanations on the "why's" not just... "well things are different now and it doesn't qualify!"  IN the old days JUST for my trouble they would have added the nights/points to my rewards totals.  


In light of this, I am quitting the Marriott reward program!  I'll be using up my points, paying off the CC, and once all are -0- I will be cancelling/closing my accounts.  I will from now on opt to stay ANYWHERE other than Marriott!!  What a disgrace!!  I'm absolutely appalled by this recent behavior and severe lack of customer service!!!  


Cya later Marriott -- and I'll tell this story to anyone I encounter who will listen!!