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Working my way to LTPP

Question asked by 702rugbyref on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by 702rugbyref

I have accumulated over 300k points since January 1st, blown through LTS and now LTG next week during this period. Just through stays, bonuses and credit card use. No meetings or transfers but I have given up since I don't think it is possible to reach LTPP by December 31st even though I currently have 48 more nights and more planned. Don't forget, Marriott added the value of me having to be at Plat status for 10 years ...ughhh.


I achieved this in less than 4 years (anniversary in December) (1.6 million pts, 690 nights) and while I will enjoy the LTP status in January, it does seem to me the game has been changed and I don't think I will enjoy it - night earned/$3k spend as an example poof-gone. Knowing I spend in excess of $75k on MR Buisness (my business too), I think the value would be better used now on my Chase Sapphire Reserve or Barklay's American Airlines or another.


So my question is knowing my situation with I am ok now with Marriott basically cutting my progress achievements in the near term towards LTPP with basically 8 months to accrue 700k pts, what would you do at this time? I am Diamond with Hilton as well.


Thanks Phil