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Why is is so hard to get a receipt

Question asked by powerplantop on Jul 17, 2018
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I was staying at a Residence Inn in Charlotte, NC. Received notification that the hotel was leaving the Marriott family a few days before I checked out. Decided since it was only a few days I would stay. Checked out got my receipt and left. Now the problem the receipt was only for the few days the hotel was rebranded. No receipt for the last two charges when it was still a Residence Inn.

No emailed receipt and they did not post to On July 3rd call the Platinum line after being on hold for 15 minutes talk to someone. Placed on hold and after a few minutes the call dropped. Called back after 10 minutes on hold decided to call back after the Holiday.

On Monday call back the person opens a case and says two to five business days.

Call back on Sunday the person calls the hotel and says they will email the receipt. After two hours I drive to the hotel. They explain that Marriott took the data base and they do not have any access to it. She also told me that several members on the National Guard were having the same problem and that Marriott told them Marriott could not help. Without the receipts the National Guard members were looking at being held personally responsible for the charges.

Drive back to my hotel and call back to Marriott. Get someone who tells me that she can see my stay including my rate and that I checked in using the mobile app. But she could not release the receipts, she had to file something and that it could only be approved on a normal working day. Assured me that on Monday she would take care of it.

Call back Monday night get told that I have to call back during normal working hours and given a different number.

Tried the number after 9AM the number is not working just get a busy signal.

Call back to Marriott get bounced around and then after a long hold get someone who claimed to be a supervisor. Told me that cases to get a receipt can take up to 10 business days but since my hotel is no longer in the Marriott group it may take longer. And the only thing they could do was resubmit the case and ask that it is given a higher priority.  

How do I get this escalated to the point I am no longer talking to people who are sorry and get to someone who can resolve this?