Lounge Review: Marriott Bellevue (Seattle area)

Discussion created by johnnyk60 on Jul 16, 2018
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Hotel is located on the "back" side of downtown Bellevue, near the transit center with frequent buses to Seattle. Lounge is located next to check-in desk off the lobby.


Disclaimer: I have never been a guest on a weeknight when the lounge host evening receptions, but will do my best to address that issue later. Thanks!


I have had their breakfast several times, never finding the lounge so crowded that I had trouble locating a seat. They generally offer scrambled eggs, sausage, a medley of mixed root vegetables instead of potatoes, and The Usual Suspects of waffles, fruit, cereal, and pastries/bread. Two kinds of juices near the hot items. Coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks are located near the entrance. Unfortunate annoying feature is that getting coffee usually trips the door exposing one to everyone in the lobby suddenly. They seem to no longer carry my favorite local hot sauce, but the attendants are very good about replenishing items and promptly clearing tables.


From the layout, in the evening I would expect to find a hot item or two, such as wings or empanadas, along with Usual Suspects of crackers and cheese, vegetables and dip, and that sort of thing at the evening reception. Probably additionally ice tea and juice. I did ask once about alcohol, and was told that guests can feel free to bring their paid drinks from the bar across the lobby to have in the lounge with the reception fare.


Access is available anytime for coffee, tea, soda, water, etc. along with fruit, power bars, chips, and an assortment of trail mix items.