Lounge Review:  Marriott Redmond (Seattle area)

Discussion created by johnnyk60 on Jul 15, 2018
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Where are you, Non-Bob? ... Marriott Redmond - about 15 miles northeast of Seattle (half hour in decent traffic). Microsoft-land! 


And what's the lounge like? Rather nice with decent seating, though any lounge gets swamped at certain times.


How's the evening food? A hot dish (scallops wrapped in bacon last visit) in addition to salad, raw vegetables, crackers-and-cheese, finger food, cookies, etc. Made a decent dinner; honestly, I'm not wildly impressed with their restaurant offering value, so a welcome change. There is also "dessert" after 8PM. Cheesecake and baklava have been featured, though I've passed. 


Any free alcohol? Drinks available for purchase


What are the hours? 


M - F:  6:30 - 9:00 breakfast


Sun - Thurs: 5:30 - 8:00 reception, followed by a dessert service until 10:00.


Are they being meanies and closing the lounge on weekends? Shut down after Friday breakfast until Sunday evening.


How about Gold/Platinum breakfast? Weekdays in lounge, which I found a decent spread, definitely enough to not think about schlepping downstairs to pay. 

Weekends involve a voucher for a "continental" breakfast for two in the restaurant - a buffet until 1 PM. First time I used one, hostess pointedly remarked it excluded hot food, which should trigger an upcharge. Server let me go without any bill, same thing next visit without host bringing it up again. Only negative was that after ordering I had to wait for the omelette rather than being brought by server; otherwise, a great meal. 


Upgrades? Nothing really to upgrade to here unless one is very lucky. 


Late checkout? Yes, staff almost proud of cooperating with that as a benefit. 


Comments... Lounge was quite nice, though the weekday rates here are $$$$, so stayed rarely when it was open. Brunch helps make up for that. 


So, not a bad choice as it's only a couple of blocks from the express bus to Seattle, often coming in a bit cheaper in rates than Bellevue.