Is Marriott losing its Identity?

Discussion created by tonyshrink on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by profbes

It seems to me that Marriott is losing of its shine since taking on the new group. I understand that a number of their hotels are run by franchises. Those franchises should be held to the same standards of those hotels owned directly by corporate Marriott. Correct?

I recently stayed at the Airport Marriott at Minneapolis and was a terrible experience. I must preference my comments that I have stay there for the past 10-12 years and this last experience was the worst. The hallways stunk, the water in the sinks did not run fast enough to rinse off my toothbrush properly, the shower water can out dark brown for a good 3 minutes before it cleared up and even though I use the app to check-in, it was painfully slow. The room was outdated as there was not power at the working desk (really a table) so trying to find a power outlet to plug in my devices was an experience as they ended up in three different places, as the bedside tables also had no power!

I lived with previous experiences in other Marriott's, but this one required a complaint from me. Their response is always "were sorry, we can give you 2000 points". What kind of service is that?

As a Marriott member that has over 1600 stays I may need to rethink my loyalty with Marriott. Does anyone else share my opinion on what is happening to the chain?