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Discussion created by pingreeman on Jul 13, 2018
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I just had a crazy idea - - - according to the T&Cs for giving points: Points Sharing - A limit of 50,000 points per year may be transferred into or out of a member’s account. Members who are transferring points in order to satisfy a specific award may exceed the 50,000 limit up to the amount needed to satisfy the reservation. Transfer points 


If someone was short, say 625,000 points AND wanted to go on a cruise (save $2,500 on a cruise with 625K points Cruises, Last Minute Cruises, Cheap Cruises, Cruise Deals, Cruise Bargain, Cruise Line), I could (for a small fee ) transfer you those points from my account to you, you get a discounted cruise, I "earn a little, too" and you reach LTPP status before the August deadline.


Let the bidding begin!


I am joking - but would this work? Maybe the cruise discount does not apply, but I bet the Tier 4/5 132K-mile travel package at 540,000 points would work. The "buyer" would probably need to spend most of their existing points elsewhere so that most of the 540K would be needed as a transfer to earn the travel package.