Marketing Genius or Shortsightedness

Discussion created by notorious-5150 on Jul 12, 2018
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As a stock owner – watching everyone make a fever pitch to get to Lifetime gold and platinum – I thought to myself “Marketing Genius”.   We have people renting conference rooms for meetings that never take place, booking unplanned family vacations, buying credit cards and transferring points - all in a rush to get to a lifetime status tier.   Marriott is going to have a banner 2nd and 3rd quarter…


Then I hit lifetime gold last week (500 nights/ 1.9M Points) and couldn’t figure out why I felt so deflated.  I did it – in a few months I will be transitioned lifetime Platinum.    But in actuality – Lifetime Platinum (new program) is still Lifetime Gold (Current Program) and Lifetime Platinum Premier (New program) I can never attain.   This is when my thinking that this wasn’t a brilliant marketing scheme but shortsightedness by Marriott…


I have been a Marriott member for over 20 years – slowly plugging away at that lifetime status.   Though I primarily travel for leisure – I would always try to stay at a Marriott (amazing what a room upgrade or breakfast will do for loyalty).   Over time – I purchased Marriott Vacation Club Time Share (Which still counts as nights even after the split) and started funneling all my Credit Card purchases through the Marriott Rewards Card.   Between stays and purchases I would hit Platinum status regularly, with the goal to eventually get lifetime Platinum Status.  So now I have achieved lifetime gold which will become lifetime platinum with no hope of reaching lifetime platinum preferred – now what?


I don’t think I will go out of my way to stay at a Marriot and will probably start working on Elite Status with another hotel chain.   There is no need to continue to funnel all my purchases through the Marriott card – since honestly I did it for the nights (and a Night is a Night no matter how you earned it).   Again – I like Marriott Properties and have my timeshare – so I will still continue to rack up nights and points – but there just isn’t an incentive to go out of my way to do so.   Upgrades are nice – but few and far between and less and less locations offer free breakfast, which got me hooked in the first place.


I know there is nothing Marriott could have done to make everyone happy – but I think it was shortsighted not to have a path to Platinum Preferred after 2018, no matter how absurd they made the goal to obtain it.   So brilliant marketing scheme or shortsighted policy?