MR free night certificate value?

Discussion created by pauly222 on Jul 12, 2018
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Had to book 2 nights in march next year.This property is in Miami and currently a cat.6 but will fall at a cat.4 normal season.Question is what will be the value of my MR visa free night certificate Canadian version that doesn't exist anymore after august 1st? Some have said it could be as low as 25k MR point which even if the category of this hotel goes down to 4 could be at high season rates so could cost 30k points?

I find that there's such a lack of details which in most cases bares bad news that I booked to make sure there was availability by points redemption.

I know the new free nights on the only CC (SPG amex)here in Canada will be worth 35k MR points but this puts the old floater certificates in limbo.

Then we double even triple book knowing we can't stay but we can't take the chance not being able to redeem post august 1st.

I was just expecting to know more details prior to the implementation.My certificate expires at the end of april 2019 but it might just be a local 1 night escape this winter as vacation time decisions have been made already.