A Night is a Night, no matter how you earned it

Discussion created by bejacob on Jul 11, 2018
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I received an interesting message today suggesting that because many of my LT nights have been earned not from stays, but from other methods (credit card, rollover, Rewarding Events, or the Promotional night I get every year because my name is Brian for my birthday) if I end up with LTPP in the new program that status will somehow be illegitimate. As you might guess, I was a bit taken aback by this suggestion. Marriott set up rules for earning elite night credits. Those of us who followed those rules were "rewarded" with elite night credits.


In the US, the Marriott Visa card grants 15 nights per year (more for those with the old card that still gives and additional night per $3,000 spent). Reserving a meeting room allows us to earn 10 nights provided we booked according to the terms of Rewarding Events and the meeting was posted using the "Meetings and Events Group Posting Tool." Rollover nights also helped some boost their LT totals. A few years back, there was even a double nights promotion, though it was only available to Marriott Rewards members outside the US. You might recall how this helped brightlybob reach LTP (see Lifetime Platinum Run-In and The long and rewarding road to Lifetime Platinum). In general, for stays we could only earn 1 night per day, even if we booked multiple rooms. It was annoying, but the rules were clearly spelled out so we accepted them. It wasn't all that long ago that we didn't earn elite night credits when using points or redeeming a free night certificate. We didn't like that much either, but fortunately that did change. 


As I've noted in quite a few places Reaching Lifetime Status is Really Hard. Even now, The "Race" to LTPP is proving to be challenging. There are a ton of folks with far more lifetime nights than my 677. I also know that many of them used some of the same methods outlined in the previous paragraph to earn those nights (especially the credit card and rollovers). The suggestion that some of those night weren't really "earned" shocked me. Really? A night is a night. At least that's how Marriott shows it on their website. 


Everyone one is entitled to their opinion. Even so, I don't like the idea that there are folks who think others who followed Marriott's rules and "earned" their elite nights and corresponding LT status are somehow illegitimate. That just doesn't seem right to me. Whatever method you used to get your 750 LT nights and 2M LT points, Marriott considers you LTP and will soon grandfather those folks into the LTPP tier. I guess in the long-run, it doesn't matter what others think. How Marriott sees it is what really counts.