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Need help with Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card

Question asked by susierailroad on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by lge-ca

Regarding the new Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card from Chase.  When I inquired, Chase told me that I could close my current Chase Rewards card and immediately apply for the new Premier Plus card, with a 100,000 bonus point sign up.  After having applied twice, with two declinations, I am more than annoyed.  With excellent credit ratings, the only reason is that "I have formerly been a card holder."  Great, but I have now closed that card.  Chase's customer resolution team has been absolutely no help.  This particular card is one that I use not only at Marriott's, but with car rentals due to it's very good insurance coverage.  Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to how I can get Chase to provide me with the new card (and the bonus sign up would be nice, too.)  Had I not received the information from Chase when I first called back in early June, I would not have persued this, and would have simply upgraded my card with the offered 20,000 points offered for an upgrade.  Now I have no card with Marriott.  Annoyed!