Air/Hotel Travel Package response from Mr. Marriott's office

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I was asked to start a new thread should I get a response so I'm posting this here rather than in my original thread...


Last spring I obtained an Air/Hotel travel package for 7 nights at a category 9 and 120,000 miles.  I typically don't bid my leave for next year until September so I was going to wait until then to reserve the hotel. The announcement of the merged programs concerned me since I didn't know how the merger in August 2018 might affect my, as of yet, unattached hotel certificate.  I contacted Marriott Rewards in April and spoke with a manger at their elite desk.  I was told that the rules for how these certificates would be handled should be out in May.  In May I had another conversation with another manager and was told June.  In June I was told July.  


On June 29th I reached out to Marriott Rewards again to speak with another manager.  I won't even begin to explain how many times I waited on hold, was transferred, and was disconnected over the past 4 months, but my time invested now exceeds 100 hours.  I explained that I needed a definitive answer to how these certificates would be handled; something more than "well they SHOULD do...".  I explained that I did not want to attach a certificate to a reservation yet because I was unsure yet of the dates I can travel and that I did not know how attaching, and then detaching/reattaching a certificate post-August 1 would affect my certificate. But, I also explained that if my choice was to attach it or experience a devaluation in my certificate I would do that to avoid adverse impact.  The manager was understanding of my concern and apologetic for Marriott not yet having a policy for something that is so close to implementation.  She recommended I contact the "Office of Mr. Marriott" and gave me the number.


I called the number and was connected with Ms. Line Kaloni.  I asked whether it would be possible to obtain a formal policy for how certificates, that were obtained prior to Aug 1, would be handled if they were not yet attached as of Aug 1.  Ms. Kaloni said she understood the need for a response and committed to getting me an answer within 3 business days.  Today, given that it was almost 1 1/2 weeks since I had spoken with Ms. Kaloni and still had not received a response, I reached out to her and received the following response:


Q: Did you find out how unattached travel package hotel certificates will be handled?

A: There still is no information available regarding how they will be handled.

Q: Did you get an estimate for when this information will be available?

A: There is no information on when it will be available

Q: Did they indicate whether the policy or rules would be available or published prior to the program merger on Aug 1?

A: No, they don't know

Q: Do you have any definitive information regarding when the implementation date of the merged program will occur? I've heard August 1 and I've heard later in the month?

A: We've been told August 1

Q: What am I supposed to do with this certificate if I don't have an answer?

A: If you attach the certificate to a hotel reservation we'll honor that reservation even if the hotel category changes

Q: If I make a reservation today and have to rebook it after Aug 1 because I can't get those dates off work, what happens if that certificate gets detached and then reattached?

A: I don't have an answer for that

Q: How will be certificate be valued if it's detached after Aug 1

A: I don't have an answer for that

Q: If I don't attach the hotel certificate prior to Aug 1, will it be converted to points?

A: I don't have an answer for that

Q: If I don't attach the hotel certificate prior to Aug 1, will it still be usable for the same hotels it's usable for today?

A: I don't have an answer for that

Q: Is there anyone I can elevate my question to, at a higher level, in order to obtain a response prior to Aug 1?

A: No, this is the highest level you can go to


Ms. Kaloni did make several comments about how my certificate "should be handled", but when I asked if I could get that in writing or noted on my account I was told "no, because those rules have not yet been released".


I've got to say that I'm extremely disappointed with how a company of this size could roll out a program with no perceived obligation to their customer for giving them advance notice of how something like this will be handled. In general it's been a roll first, and tell our employees and customers whenever/if-ever we figure it out. I follow several Marriott-related forums where this question is being asked by hundreds of people so I know I'm not alone. I feel totally let down by a company I’ve been so loyal to. I guess I'm ultimately the fool.