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Lightning-fast customer service...seriously!

Question asked by tuneman on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by globaltreker

Boy, after dealing with the longest phone customer service wait times for weeks, I made a call today and it was picked up......wait for it......immediately!  :-O   And I hadn't even punched in my rewards number yet, so they didn't know my Platinum status.


To top of it off, probably one of the most pleasant gentlemen I've ever spoken with. Literally said, "We appreciate you, and thank you for being a contined elite member"


This was not a dream - it literally happened 15 minutes ago, and as much as we want to complain about what's wrong, I felt compelled to say that I love when things are right. Hopefully, this will be the norm 3 weeks from today in August!


So, if anyone needs any issues solved today, you might have a short wait time through the luck of the draw today - report back if you do! :-)